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Rohani wazaif


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It is fact that violation of Allah’s orders and going against to acts of Prophet (Sunnah) is the root cause of every defect in our lives. When Allah (S.A.T) sent his beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) towards us, every sin exists in us. There are so many things those were found at that time those are not found today. Fighting against moral, social, religious, political and cumulative evils was difficult at that time too. But Prophet (S.A.W) blocked the way every evil with his statement, work and with his act and show humanity the straight path. Majority from them has accepted that message and got blessed but some of them have refused.


Basically we all are the children of Adam. Revolution in ages brought changes in our race and color. People also diverted in their believes with the passage of time and it is related with the fight of Habeel and Qabeel that I have already quoted in my previous column. Satan is strongly aimed to force human being to motivate them in acts in which they will meet certain loss. That is why real brothers, mother and father, wife and husband and close relatives are fighting each other. They are thirsty to each other’s blood. Series of this massacre is continued beyond the ages. Decades before, our differences were based on major issues but now we are fighting on minors. Many times I have received email and letters in my inbox talking about Rohani Ilaj, there were keep saying that I like a girl, she married somewhere else, but now tell me some words so she get divorced and I marry her, something like that. Remember, this approach and thinking is sin and straight away is like a fight with Allah. Immorality, immature domestic guidance has weakened our social roots.


In all these up-stated scenarios, we need protection of Allah for our Life and wealth. We can have enmity with our real brother and sister. Family enmity, religious enmity, political enmity and then spiritual enmity, we have to seek Allah’s protection. Ask peace for whom those are your enemies that Allah show them straight path. Allah and his beloved Messenger have put many rewards on which those forgive.


At many times, we need certain Wazaif to get rid from enemies. It is essential to give appropriate answer to evils when our life, wealth, children, and honor are threatened otherwise naughty people will become out of control and they will cause of loss to you. But my advice to you is: try to avoid at your last moment because this is the way of our Saints.


There are so many Wazaif to get rid of enemies. Important thing is your belief and your act on it. When your belief reaches its height then you did not need to say something from your mouth. Saints of Allah they just fall their enemies just in their phantasy. I am presenting here some Wazaif for your protection, these are simple and anyone can get benefits from them. Complicated and hard Wazaif are not presented in this way because many people are unaware with the manners and etiquettes to use them. So select one with great care.


While acting on Wazaif, do not think in your mind about killing of your enemy and ask blessing from Allah so he can be a good Muslim.

Truthfulness of these words has been shown to us after 14 centuries. Quran is the only revealed book that is not altered by the humans and it is a challenge of Allah that this book is protected from alterations till Day of Judgment. Quarn is a comprehensive solution for whole of humanity till the End.

Best way to Recite Wazaif

  1. Punctuality
  2. Appropriate clothing and place
  3. Visualization of Gumbad e Khizra
  4. Visualization of your objective
  5. Avoid evil acts