Online Istikhara

Online istikhara is Finding a sort of blessing by connecting any scholar using virtual technology. It is known in Arabic as ( اِسْتَخِرِ اللهَ يَـخِرْلَكَ) “Seek the blessing from Allah, he will bless you”. Seeking guidance from Allah in any issue or matter that Allah advise us to act or not, and make it clear for us that which decision is better for us? Imam Novi (R.A) said while describing Sahi Muslim that “Seeking advice from Allah and asking suggestion from Scholars is due because generally, a man has deficiencies in his knowledge and its level of thinking is not that much mature, because it is born weaker.” It feels confusion on several occasions’ whether to act or not?


Islam is a complete constitution for life. It guides the human being in every field. Every human being has to take several decisions that reflect his economy, social life, and his own peace of mind. Istikhara is legal, according to Sharia way and yet a more powerful method for taking advice from Allah. It is used to seek advice from Allah beyond all illiterate practices, prohibited or non-Islamic methods, and of course beyond all the magical powers. This method is known to ask Allah’s advice before deciding to act on certain businesses or decisions. It asks blessings from Allah. It is a fruitful thing in its front face and is attractive too as we talk about its end because it is a legal and Sharia way to seek blessing from Allah.

What is istikhara blessing 

From the perspective of Istikhara, the composite meaning is that “Avoiding by the un-successes of the day of judgment, Allah provides us blessings in life affairs and luxury along with peace in our religion.”

dua istikhara

dua istikhara

Importance of Online Istikhara

Online Istikhara required in two situations. Whether the situation seems satisfactory in its shown perspective or it seems complicated, Istikhara becomes sensitive, has long-lasting effects and it shows us concerns that are related to the future as well. Prophet of Allah (S.A.W) teaches their followers and asks them to remember Dua of Istikhara as they remember Quranic verses, that is the evidence that how much important Istikhara is? Syedna Jabir bin Abdullah (R.A) narrated that Prophet (S.A.W) teaches us Dua Istikhara as he teaches us other Quranic verses. (Sahi Bukhari 6382)

Prophet (S.A.W) further teaches that “Offer 2 Rakat Nafal prayer, and ask Dua Istikhara when someone from you feels difficulty in any matter” (Sahi Bukhari 6382) For Prayer times, Go to واقيت الصلاة جدة and Prayer times Jeddah

Free Online istikhara

Free online istikhara

The Scope of Online Istikhara?

  • The acts that are compulsory for a Muslim are beyond the scope of Istikhara.
  • All prohibited things, Haraam, and the things those puts in doubt are beyond the scope of Istikhara.
  • That is allowed and beyond the scope of online Istikhara for the things that are known as luxuries and generally are against the general conception of simplicity in Islam.
  • People seeking blessing in luxurious matters should be aware of the verse of surah Al-Imran in which Allah said: “Simplicity (taqwa) is beyond the limits of the love of these things”.

Translation: “Fierce Love  of people for human wishes like love with women, love with sons, love with gold and silver, love with precious horses, animals and agriculture is made most engaging for them, but it is only temporary and the best place to stay is near to Allah”

Benefits of Istikhara

It is a famous quote that “All the shining things are not gold”. Istikhara is the best method to avoid unnecessary fears, difficult issues, speculations, and having possible losses by making decisions on optimistic approaches. It is said by the scholars that decisions such as marriages, business are like the deal of fist. We meet the outcomes after the time is passed and it is our faith.

When we talk in the Istikhara perspective, the standard of success and failure of these people is totally wrong. Like for example, people assume wealth as the key to success in marriage though that family is not strong enough in religious affairs, ethics, and social norms.

Basic Stages of Online Istikhara

  1. The issue should be observed according to the basic standards of Sharia to know its legitimacy.
  2. Try to find out the goodness/evilness or weakness of that issue and do the necessary investigation.
  3. In case of confusion or hesitation, ask suggestions from scholars and the people who know.

To seek the blessing of Allah and final satisfaction, do Istikhara

Istikhara (Taking signals from Almighty)


“Means to take guidance from Allah Almighty in particular decision making in (Islam) Muslim culture. It is a kind of prayer in which one wants guidelines from Allah (SW) after or before in his routine prayers. Holy Prophet (PBUH) advised his followers to take the consent of Allah (SW) in every walk of their life. We can perform istikhara in a number of ways. Let us discuss various aspects of istikhara i.e why and when to perform istikhara and what could be reasons behind it.

Online istikhara

Online istikhara

Reasons behind Istikhara:

It is a matter of fact that no one can live in isolation. One has to take suggestions and help in their decision making. It is not mandatory but one could not deny its benefits. Taking advice from others was the rule of law in history. Many kings or Emperor has their own dedicated secretary/wazir/minister for the rule of law. Even they could not take an important decision without their suggestions.

Istikhara in the light of Islam

In Islam, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) A’Hadiths and Sunna’ give proper guidelines in this regard. He (PBUH) said that suggestion is a scared deposit of honesty and do not misuse it. So, it very important for someone to be honest in giving suggestions to others in Islam.  Consequently, it happens in our daily life that we take suggestions from our relatives, neighbors, our age fellows, our native fellows especially in abroad; and to our peers, bosses, or subordinate as well.

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