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How to perform istikhara

How to perform istikhara

Free Online istikhara
Free online istikhara

We should learn how to perform istikhara before performing it. First of all one should take clarity of his problem or issue. You should be clear in the matter which you are going to take blessings from Allah Almighty. These should be based upon pity and virtue. The deeds of dishonesty, corruption, embezzlement and any kind of wrong deeds or misconduct are not recommended for istikhara. It will consider to be unethical that someone do istikhara in evil deeds or wishes. After deciding your wish or purpose, one should do wudu (…) and pray perform two additional rakat after or before routine five time prayers. (We advise two times for istikhara) After that pray to Allah Almighty to resolve your problem or issue by giving you, signals from Him.

When, where and How to perform istikhara

How to perform Istikhara, There is no fixed time for istikhara, you can perform it at any recommended time which is recommended for routine prayers. However, we recommend two times for the performance of this scared cause. One of the time is after the prayer of Esha (Night prayer) usually performed at 8 o’clock pm. Second one, is the time before morning prayer fajjar which is called tahajjud. It is said that it is the special time when Allah listens  and give prompt response to everyone muslim who wishes for the right path. So please keep in mind these two times while you are going to perform istikhara. It should also consider while performing istikhara that the place must be clean according to Islam. It means that it should not  pollute with haram things i.e alcohol, clot of bloods, urine etc.

Particular situation of istikhara:

Although, you can perform Istikhara in any kind of matters of problems. But, one can consider the following situations before doing istikhara i.e, marriage planning, abroad travelling, changing of residence, change of city 0r country, starting of new business, switching to new business, signing before agreements and contract with new parties or before any situation in which you feel unsafe or confuse and other which you like etc.

Signs of guidance from istikhara:

After performing Dua-e-istikhara, it is necessary for someone to sleep for a while to take signals from Allah Almighty. These signals could be in the form of dream while sleeping or may inform of heart satisfaction. The usual signs in dreams are green, white, red and black signals. The green and white signals indicates good signs and consents of Allah in particular issue. While red and black color indicate avoid to do the specific task. You can also make judgement from darkness and light frequencies in your dreams. Fare colors or beautiful scenes are the sign of agreeners and the fake or dull and horrible scenes represent disagreement from the blessings of Allah Almighty.


The above passage and research indicates that it is good to perform istikhara. But one should also share his feelings before and after performing istikhara with a pious man living around him.

(Istikhara is)  indeed, it is admitted fact that istikhara provides medication for your spiritual problems and issues. So, there is no need to go anywhere, you can perform it yourself with full confident at home. It is also recommended to perform istikhara by yourself not from others because it is your concern not others.

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